Laurel, Mississippi

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Agriprocessors' Chutzpah

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Update from Laurel

Update based on conversation with an organizer at the Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance:
Coworkers still working in the plant collected money for those detained. Photo 1 shows the card in which they put the donations.
One worker bought a cell phone for one of the women who was released with an ankle bracelet (Photo 2, with her daughter, looking at a photo of her detained husband) after her home and cell phone were disconnected because of lack of resources. Her husband is still detained (Photo 3) and she has become, in the MIRA organizer's words, "an incredible organizer/community leader."
The next pic (Photo 4) is of another detainee (and her niece) who also has become an organizer in response to these vents.
Said the MIRA organizer: "Many people have responded in a positive manner. A white man who owns several trailers is giving several months of free rent. One woman told MIRA that co-workers, supervisors, etc., black and white, are calling to see how they are, what they can do for them, are visiting them, etc. The grim picture of the few who applauded is just that, 'a few.'"
Photo 5 shows MIRA organizers discussing next steps.